Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Changeable Weather

What a difference a day makes!  From having such a great weekend weather wise, it certainly went down hill all the way Monday evening.  We had such a storm, gale force winds, rain, rain and more rain.  Tuesday of the 27 ferry routes to the different Western Isles 26 of them were delayed or cancelled.  I obviously spoke too soon.  All outdoor activities are once again on hold.  We lit the stove, made some soup and enjoyed some indoor pursuits.  Crafting...

First up thank you cards, not before time.

I really enjoyed the process as I thought about the wonderful cards and gifts that I had received.

There are so many bugs and virus's doing the rounds at the moment so I made some tissue holders as little gifts for those that are suffering.  A little something to let them know I was thinking of them.

Anybody that has followed me for awhile, will know my love of buttons in all their guises.  The collection is starting to get a little out of hand so I thought I would get some out and have a play around.  A little bouquet in the making...

I picked out a Wide selection of colours, styles and sizes and had a couple of hours of fun.  Wiring some little flowers together.

Putting it all together was great fun, and will make a great addition to the table when I don't have fresh flowers.

Just because...

...and I also had to share the amazing skies.

This changeable weather has been a tease for awhile, I live in hope that this was just a blip and that we will be back on track with some better weather.

See you soon.

Monday, 16 April 2018


Saturday was the third annual Harris Tweed bike ride here on the Island so we did catch glimpses of  it as we ran our errands around Stornoway.

All the riders wore Harris Tweed outfits or accessories and it certainly was a feast for the eyes.  I loved the bright colours and the amazing cycle with the trailer was such fun.

It must have been a great relief for the organisers to wake to such a fine day.  The weather certainly makes a big difference to some of the events.  Seeing the sun shining and casting its shadows is a joy to behold and enhances even the most menial of tasks.  A start had been made on painting the tyres that I want to use as planters.  They are going to be painted red with black spots, a ladybird in the making.

I have bought several bags of compost but intend to mix a little peat and sand together for the base to save on the expense, they will certainly take some filling.

The daffodils are growing in clumps around the cottage, a sure sign that Spring is finally making an appearance.

Seeing the lambs was also such a treat reinforcing the feeling that the seasons have now changed and giving us hope that better weather is on the way.  The marking on the ewes show how many lambs they are carrying when they are scanned, one stripe = single, two stripes = twins.  Each ewe usually has a mark which denotes their croft so if they go to common grazing on the machair each crofter knows their own sheep.  Hope that helps.

Not sure what the purple was on the lamb in the previous post but will check with my neighbour next time I see them.  What a difference a change in the weather makes, we have a renewed energy and have started to make plans once again.  Gerard's rehabilitation thankfully is been done on the Island but it does mean driving backwards and forwards to town, taking about 40 minutes each way.  A minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of things.  The sun setting over the croft is always a joy to behold and gives us renewed strength for another day.

As always thank you so much for all your lovely comments and a very warm welcome to a new follower, I hope you enjoy our little adventures through life.

See you soon.

Saturday, 14 April 2018

The New Season

As always I thank you all for all your comments and messages, they are so uplifting.  We have had a busy week with hospital appointments and such, made all the harder as Gerard is still unable to drive.  I am still nursing this awful virus although it is not as bad as it was.  The weather has started to pick up and there is a definite Spring like feeling around the crofts.  Lambs are been born all around us.

We had a walk over to our neighbours croft this afternoon to admire the new additions.  Gerard visited with Norman whilst I had a stroll.

There is a mixture of twins and singles and all of them are doing well.  The sight of them with their Mothers makes you smile.  New life and a new Season, a wonderful combination.

There first faltering steps are a delight.  There little faces as they snuggle up to their Mums a joy.

It was a real joy and indeed a privilege to have witnessed their humble beginnings and to walk softly around them as they encounter life.

Spring finally has made an appearance.

See you soon.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018


I have been nursing a virus all weekend, a raging temperature, hacking cough and green mucus.  Add the runny ear and the blinding headache and you should get the picture.  If I am honest not one of the best weekends that I have ever had.

I stayed in bed and slept in between bouts of coughing and trips to the toilet.

I tried to read a book but to no avail, the book was too heavy to hold and I was uncomfortable.

I tried to watch a film but the lights made my eyes hurt.

Food was no real comfort, my throat was too sore to swallow.

All in all I felt pretty miserable.  Monday dawned, my 60th Birthday.  I would be a liar if I didn't admit to been a little disappointed and thinking about what might have been.  We had so many plans...

But as the day progressed, I was rewarded a little at a time.  I have never seen so many cards in all their formats and indeed glory.  From the humble picture drawn by one of the Grandchildren to the most elaborate e-card and everything in between.

I have been inundated with telephone calls and the wonders of technology linking me to family.

Friends and neighbours have called in, each bringing joy.

Indeed, your own comments and messages were uplifting.

I am surrounded by beauty, I just needed to open my eyes.

In the grand scheme of things I have nothing to complain about.  I am feeling much better, had a wonderful Birthday and a husband to share it all with.  What more do I possibly need?

See you soon.

Friday, 6 April 2018

Everything Changes

After such a wonderful weekend, yesterday we awoke to snow.  Only a slight covering but enough to make me feel cold and run to the log store.  There is nothing nicer than sitting in front of the stove with a good book and a warming bowl of soup.  The soup recipes remain very much the same with the exception of a reduction in salt.  We are now using reduced salt stock cubes as suggested by the British Heart Foundation, they have some very good recipes.  I attempted a recipe over the weekend for a lemon cake using yogurt which was a treat.  Gerard's weight is fine but I am overweight so healthier choices are now been made.

The snow disappeared as quickly as it came and gave way to a beautiful sunny day albeit a little windy.  I managed to get the washing dry to add to the ever growing pile of ironing.  Today is dark and rainy so the ideal day to get it done.  We did get a couple of feathered visitors.

    I did get a little waylaid yesterday with a little stroll around the lighthouse.

It was cold but quite calm and a joy to watch some of the birds in the crags.  The weather is so changeable here going from one extreme to the other in a matter of minutes.  Last week on our trip to Stornoway it was like a Summers day, the sun shining brightly and feeling quite warm.  We felt that the long Winter was finally over and that Spring was starting to emerge.  We had our usual stroll around the harbour enjoying the different aspects of the Castle in the distance and choosing a boat for our little adventures.  We weren't tempted by the Fish and Chip shop despite the wonderful aroma but instead opted for the fresh fish shop and came back with a wide variety of fish for the freezer.

Then onto Ann Lanntair for the exhibition of New Photographic work from Scotland and the Nordic countries by female practitioners.  A collaboration between Dr Katherine Parhar of Wildfires and FOCAS Scotland, Alex Boyd of Ann Lanntair and the Flow Festival of Photography. 

I found it quite thought provoking as we explored the different images.

For such a small Island we are certainly blessed with so many events going on.  Now that we are not going away I intend to explore the different workshops that are going on.  Lambing has started, it is a joy to see new life in and around the many local crofts.  I will be out and about to photograph them as soon as it stops raining.  I am definitely a fair weather girl.

As always I am thankful for your lovely comments and well wishes.  I am trying hard to catch up with you all so if I haven't visited I will very soon.  Take care.

See you soon.